I took the Round Robin Improv class and loved it. Not only did I come away with a great small quilt, but I learned a lot. Robin is a great teacher, and seems to bring out the best in people’s creative side. – S. Clark

My improv experience within a group setting made my brain see so much more possibilities.  Robin is a delight and so knowledgeable.  Thanks for the class. – D. Kennedy

Lots of fun – and really learned a lot – especially enjoyed seeing what the others in the group did. – MJ Webster

Round Robin Improv Workshop

1 day

The goal of this class is to HAVE FUN, and to encourage the participants to learn to work faster and more intuitively.

Who will have the most fun?

This workshop is designed for the advanced beginner to advanced/master quilter. You should already be fairly comfortable and familiar with improvisational piecing before taking this workshop.

How does this work?

You will be broken up into teams of about 5 quilters each, depending on total number of participants. You will bring a small center block to class. You will pass your center to the quilter next to you and each person will add a unit (can be a border, can be just one or more sides) in a timed round. Then the blocks get passed to the next quilter!

Robin will show you some examples of units to add so that you can do less “thinking” as you go, and have more fun sewing! Similar to a traditional round robin in that multiple people will be working on the same quilt, different in that it will be FAST, and you may or may not add a complete border in each round. It will be timed, so no dilly-dallying!

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