My quilt, The Cell, toured Europe as part of a Radiation Exhibit during 2014-2016. In 2017 it won Best of Show AND Members' Choice at the Dallas Area Fiber Artists' (DAFA) Member Show.

My quilt, Voldemort, won a Blue Ribbon at the 2014 Dallas Quilt Celebration and was accepted into the 2014 IQA Quilt Festival!

My quilt, Modern Target Practice, won an Honorable Mention at the 2014 Dallas Quilt Celebration and Third Place at the  Dallas Area Fiber Artists (DAFA) 2014 Annual Member Show.



I first started dabbling in
quilting during the late 80s,
but found I didn't have a
lot of time for it, especially
during the 90s when I had a
child and my graphic design
business was really taking off.
At some point I decided I needed to take
a beginner class just to see what I could learn. When I showed the teacher a quilt top that I had made and told her that I actually liked the BACK as much, or more, than the front, she suggested that I might enjoy art quilting. Funny... I'd never even heard of the term before then. Little did I know that she was RIGHT, and just nudged me in the direction I was destined to go.

Visit Robin's profile on Pinterest.And under the topic of things that eventually come full circle, that same teacher, Susie Emmons, bought my very first pattern!





I'd define my style as sometimes
"modern" and sometimes "art"
and sometimes... "modern art"!
In my “day job” I am a graphic
designer, but I'm working toward
the day when I can turn full-time to
quilt making and pattern designing.

Crazy! This is me
at the 2014 Dallas Quilt Celebration signing my first autograph. LOL.


Photo courtesy of Carol Morrissey.

Riding the Stitch Lab bucking machine at QuiltCon 2015.


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